Concert For Mammals

Concert for Mammals is a performative musical experiment conceptualized by Andreas Greiner and composed by Louis McGuire. The Concert for Mammals was driven by the question of whether human animals could create a piece of music for non-human animals. Prior to the performance, the artist and composer spent a week on the grounds of the Art and Nature Foundation in Nantesbuch, inviting human musicians to play music to the various non-human animals living at Nantesbuch and observe their reactions.

Different instruments and pitches were played to see how the animals reacted, with the water buffalo being the most curious. The final ensemble of the concert included a tuba player, alpine horn players and a cellist, conducted and mixed live by Louis McGuire. It combined notated and improvised sequences for the buffalo. Human observers were invited to evaluate the musical experiment.

  • Culture program curator

    Mario Grizelj, Stiftung Kunst und Natur, Nantesbuch

  • Conecpt & artistic direction

    Andreas Greiner

  • Composition & sound design

    Louis McGuire

  • Director of photography & edit

    Paul Rohlfs

  • Alphine horn band

    Angela Fulghum, Astrid Rehmet, Steffi Schek, Elisabeth Heilmann-Reimche

  • Cello

    Jakob Roters

  • Tuba

    Tobias Geschwendtner

  • Sound field recording

    Martin Klingelhöfer

  • Drone operator

    Franz Xaver Aicher, Paul Rohlfs

  • Production

    Roland Bolz

  • Film

    Concert For Mammals

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